The stakes are high

Having unrestricted access to information, data and people can result in gaining a wealth of information and experiences.  But at the same time that also comes with responsibility and the world were living in with all the hidden dangers we must go that extra mile and instill our future generations with the necessary knowledge about their online safety to ensure that they do not end up in a dangerous situation.  Enclosed are some basic rules to follow to ensure safety for your son/daughters digital safety

  • Teach children and youth the skills they need to use technology wisely
  • Keep an open mind and flexible
  • Don’t be afraid to learn more about social media and other aspects of technology to ensure that you have the skills to help your son/daughter
  • Share you wisdom with your son/daughter and pass along your knowledge
  • Maintain a balance so your son/daughter can still have the freedom and opportunity of creativity, communication and expressions while still remaining safe.

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