I am being Cyberbullied

If you or someone you know is being cyberbullied, know that you are not alone. As technology has grown more common and landed in the hands of youth everywhere, cyberbullying can happen to virtually anyone. Here are some steps to take if you are being bullied online.


Talk about it

Tell a trusted adult if you have become a target of cyberbullying. Although it is often hard to talk about, they can help you mange the issue and make it end.

Save all evidence

It is important to record all instances of cyberbullying. Print off any messages, comments, posts, pictures, text messages, or other attacks from social media, websites, or other outlets. Always save the information, track any IP address, when it happened, who was involved, and any response that you had. Turn these into a trusted adult so that they can help you.

Never retaliate

Never bully someone back. Doing this will create a never ending cycle, make matters worse, and open doors for you to get in trouble as well.

Block cyberbullies

Simply put, if you block someone who is cyberbullying you, it is more difficult for them to get in contact with you online.

Report content to the providers

Under many circumstances, cyberbullying violates terms of service with several online providers. For more information on how to report content, click here.

Contact the police

If you feel that your safety, or the safety of someone else, is in danger, call 911 or the local police immediately. Anytime there is a real threat, tell an adult immediately.



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