The effects of cyberbullying can be devastating for everyone involved.  Stats have shown that modern technology can be the perfect platform for bullying to take place.  Youth can learn what to do if they are involved in cyberbullying.  Youth should learn ways of stopping the cyberbully by examining roles people play and how individuals actions can impact their friends and the community at large.  Youth is encouraged to take active roles of upstander and build positive online communities.  While spreading rumors and bullying is nothing new for kids, cyberbullying can magnify the hurt, humiliation in a very public way.

The feeling of being anonymous from a target in an online environment can encourage a kid who normally would not say anything  mean face to face to act in an unethically manner.  With the effects of cyberbullying range from low self-esteem to depression to thoughts of violence or God forbid suicide, it is important for parents and youth alike to learn how to prevent cyberbullying and stop it in its tracks.  Youth must learn ways to create a positive online community rooted in trust and respect. They should learn to identify, respond to and limit the negative  impact of cyberbullying.


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