My name is Scott Shannon and I am a substitute teacher in Fontana, CA and San Bernardino, CA.  I have a BA in Psychology, a Master’s in Education and a Master’s in Online Learning as well.  I am passionate about helping children and youth in any way, shape or form and this includes their safety.  With the 21st century here children and youth have resorted to social media and other online communication tactics.  With this new trend come risks that we have seen time and time again with stolen identity, child pedophiles lurking, online searching, flirting and relationships online and then there is cyberbullying that children and youth have to deal with.  Let this blog be a good guide to help with these legitimate, concerning issues facing this generation of  youth.  There are several ways of contacting me first my email address is safeonlinetalk@hotmail.com, I have an account at instagram: @safeonlinetalk, my twitter username is @mrscottfusd.  I am at google+ at Google +